Friday, September 28, 2012

Crazy man, crazy

We only uploaded the October issue two nights ago and already have 1200 hits as of this writing, Sept. 28th.  It ain't even October yet! Wonderful!

I hope you all enjoy the great articles in this issue while we all think up new stories for the November issue - Celtic Heroes . . . not that that would be too hard to do, with so many of them.

I am very proud of the Guide but even more proud of the great writers, – archeologists, astronomers, historians, shamans, dealers in Celtic wares and Celtic culture – who fill the pages with great tales.

Who could ask for a better set of compatriots?

Additional kudos go to Carolyn, our Social Media Coordinator, and the work she has done on Facebook and Pinterest.

Then there are the readers who have embraced the work we've done by the thousands, and from all over the world.

I may hold the key to Celtic Guide, but all these folks hold the door open to the world of Celtic lore and legend, history and mystery. Thank you to all a gazillion times over.


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Friday, September 21, 2012


Knock, knock.

Who's there?


Boo who?

Well you didn't have to cry about it!

It's almost October and have we ever got an issue almost ready to post. It looks like it will be the largest issue yet, with five new authors and many returning authors. I guess everyone likes a good mystery and that is our focus for October - Celtic Mysteries.

We have your witches and vampires, your Celtic warriors and Celtic words, your Oak Island shaft and your Holy Grail. We have Celtic knots, and not so obvious Celtic events. It is a real mix designed for those who like a mystery, who like to know "the rest of the story", and who like to enjoy some easy, free, sincere tales with a Celtic bent.

Our plans are to feature our first hand drawn cover, and we now list over 20 contributors and are also on Facebook and a new player on the block - Pinterest.

You can look over the FB page at

Celtic Guide on Facebook

And see our brand new site on Pinterest at

Celtic Guide on Pinterest

or just return to the Celtic Guide website and read, read, read!

Celtic Guide online magazine

Thanks to all the writers and readers for making this adventure such a big hit around the world!

Jim McQuiston
Celtic Guide 

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What a kick-off for September

I posted the September issue on Friday and by Sunday night, 48 hours later, it had already received 600 hits! My early issues only commanded about 300 hits for the whole month and now we are getting that in a day. At this rate, we should far outstrip the August issue, which was already pretty phenomenal at 2,000 hits.

This is all in addition to nearly 1000 likes on Facebook, and literally tens of thousands of hits there. You can view our Facebook site at

Celtic Guide Facebook

We've received correspondence by now from England, Scotland, Ireland, Canada, the U.S. and also New Zealand, Australia, and Chile!

Not only have we gone viral, we've gone global.

We feature three new CG authors for September, plus many returning authors for a jam-packed 44 pages of Celtic fringe lands.

As you enjoy the great migration information of the Celtic and Norse races for September, we'll be getting to work on a whole new batch of Celtic mysteries for October. We already have one new writer who has submitted an article for October on Scottish witches.

A cynic once told me that this was all well and good until we run out of things to write about.  Ha! Lucky I don't listen to cynics. We haven't even scratched the surface of the several thousand year old history of the Celtic culture.

What is most exciting to me is that theories are being floated that may not always be mainstream, but may in fact bring us closer to the truth.

Thanks to all our readers and authors and supporters.

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