Thursday, August 8, 2013

What a busy time

I guess summers in the north are when every event in the world is planned. Seems like only enough time to get to the basics. But my dad always said I have 24 hours in a day just like everyone else, and my daughter always says you sleep when you die.

So I guess I better get something posted here again.

First, we are at nearly 17,000 hits on our main page, which equals all of last year. We still have the balance of August, then September, October, November and December – so we will most certainly exceed last year's readership . . . by a long shot.

Secondly, our Facebook page has around 8,500 likes and it will easily hit 9,000 if not 10,000 likes by year's end. We often have a weekly reach on Facebook of 30,000 or more readers.

Third, the Celtic Guide digital version is ALWAYS FREE. Don't let anyone tell you different. We are now offering print copies AT COST through Amazon, as a service to those many readers who requested them. We don't control the cost and no money is returned to Celtic Guide coffers. Sometimes Amazon puts issues on sale, but they normally charge based on number of pages. Even we don't know when the sales will come along. Nearly all past issues have been uploaded, except a few of the earliest, which will be online soon.

We are busy working on our 21st issue. It will stray a bit from the typical non-fiction narrative style and focus instead on the artistic. Our lead story, we are proud to say, is an interview with Natalie MacMaster who has been called the most dynamic Celtic performer of our lifetime.

So September is all about artistic endeavors. October will be our second Halloween edition. November will be a catch up issue with an anything-goes theme. December will be themed "the end" and will feature articles on the end of dynasties, cultures, movements, lives, etc. That should get us through the year for themes.

The Celtic Guide is all volunteer. Our authors come from all over the Celtic world - Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England, the U.S., Canada, and even Portugal and Poland, where there are remnants of early Celtic cultures. We've been lucky to have some world's experts, some cutting edge analysis of Celtic and Norse cultures, many a great story of heroes and villains, cultures and theories, lots of great photos and illustrations, and lots of great reader feedback.

Our unofficial motto is - stay tuned!