Thursday, August 30, 2012

September to go online any minute!

It is getting very close, with three new writers, one from Wales, another new one from Ireland, and another new one from the states, plus many returning authors and 44 pages of great stories about Celtic lands. Just a few finishing touches and it will go live.

Many of our authors are degreed in History, Archeology, DNA sciences, and other related fields. Some are the world's expert in their fields. Some are your typical Celt with a good story to tell. All offer their services free of charge to the world to bring you great tales. I thank them all sincerely.

August has had almost 2000 hits, and probably will have that many by time September goes live.

October will cover Celtic mysteries again . . . there are so many of them!

See ya at the Celtic Guide

Monday, August 20, 2012

We're getting close!

We have articles in place already for Spanish Galicia, and for Polish Galicia, and for Brittany. We have one on an overview of Celtic migrations from the earliest records to the British Isles, including Turkey's Galatia region and a quick stop in China! We have the Selkirk Settlers of Canada, and the Susquehanna Settlements of Pennsylvania. We have less-geographic Celtic lands, too, like Fairy Land, and Dalriada, and Kippen, and Tir na nOg, and promises of stories on the Celts of Gaul, and one on the land of the Gallowglass. Who knows what else will pour in over the next few days - even Wales is a possibility, and perchance even Pictland.

Hits continue to skyrocket, new authors continue to offer their services, and I continue to wonder how I'll get it all done in time. But I will!

The diversity is extreme and there should be something for everyone in the September issue of the Celtic Guide.

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Very pleased!

I am happy to report that our Facebook page has had nearly 32,000 hits since going live, nearly 20,000 just since the August issue went live. We have 583 likes and the Guide website, itself, has gotten over 1300 hits since August went live. It was a big issue in two ways. First, we had so many great articles we were pushed out to 48 pages. Then we had hits galore.

September will also be a big issue, page-wise, as I have received many great stories and have three new writers on board. Let's hope the hits and the FUN continue.

Remember, September is touching on Celtic fringe lands, and in October we'll return to Celtic mysteries, solved and unsolved.

My thanks to the many great authors who have contributed, and to our Facebook volunteer.

I better get busy, got a lot of stories to prepare!

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Tuesday, August 7, 2012


The August Guide has garnered over 1,000 hits so far and it's only been online a week and a half. Our Facebook site had over 7,000 hits during the same period and we are around 500 or so "Likes" so far.

This is such a combined effort - our great contributing authors, our Facebook director, and me trying to keep up with it all.

September stories are already flowing in and two Celtic fringe lands I hadn't even thought about are going to be covered - the land of the Faery and the land of the Gallowglass Warrior. Plus we have Queen Anne of Brittany, and stories on Galicia in Spain, Galicia of Poland/Ukraine, and Galatia of Turkey. There are so many great stories coming in it's about all I can do to keep up with them and do them justice in the layout of Celtic Guide pages.

While you're enjoying the incredible 48-page August issue, keep in mind there's more to come, and please share the link with all your friends.

Oh, and, in honor of Halloween (a Celtic holiday) we are going back to Celtic mysteries for October!