Tuesday, August 7, 2012


The August Guide has garnered over 1,000 hits so far and it's only been online a week and a half. Our Facebook site had over 7,000 hits during the same period and we are around 500 or so "Likes" so far.

This is such a combined effort - our great contributing authors, our Facebook director, and me trying to keep up with it all.

September stories are already flowing in and two Celtic fringe lands I hadn't even thought about are going to be covered - the land of the Faery and the land of the Gallowglass Warrior. Plus we have Queen Anne of Brittany, and stories on Galicia in Spain, Galicia of Poland/Ukraine, and Galatia of Turkey. There are so many great stories coming in it's about all I can do to keep up with them and do them justice in the layout of Celtic Guide pages.

While you're enjoying the incredible 48-page August issue, keep in mind there's more to come, and please share the link with all your friends.


Oh, and, in honor of Halloween (a Celtic holiday) we are going back to Celtic mysteries for October!

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