Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Hurrah for August

We hit 48 pages in August, twice our typical size. So many great writers have volunteered their skills and knowledge to make this one of the best issues yet.

In September, the theme is going to be "Lands of the Celtic Fringe." Typically, there are only a handful included in this fringe, but we are going to dig deeper to include past and present regions where the Celtic culture is or was strong. It should be another informative and enjoyable issue.

October will no doubt be about the mysterious side of the Celts again, in honor of Halloween. Maybe some old unsolved legends will be explored, like Oak Island, the Robert Bruce/Red Comyn incident, the disappearance of the Picts, other "the rest of the story" types of stories.

For now, we'll sit back on our haunches and enjoy reviewing the August issue of

the Celtic Guide

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