Thursday, July 19, 2012

August is filling right up!

I guess I foolishly thought I could limit the Celtic Guide to 24 pages. August will be at least 32 pages if not 36. I will try to keep the file size down for quick downloading, etc.

We have a few new writers, particularly an author from Family Tree DNA, the leader in DNA genealogy research, and another author from the online "Ancient History Encyclopedia", plus a few returning authors and my own ramblings.

Every issue just blows me away on how it builds gradually with one idea playing off the other, an email out of nowhere, or a subject that commands more room than first anticipated.

It is all so good, and informative, and I hope our growing number of readers agree.

Here's the link to the site - Celtic Guide 

Watch for the August issue to go "live" within a week or so, if all goes as planned – certainly, by July 26th as I'm heading out to a major Celtic event shortly thereafter.

Jim (your Celtic Guide)

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