Thursday, August 8, 2013

What a busy time

I guess summers in the north are when every event in the world is planned. Seems like only enough time to get to the basics. But my dad always said I have 24 hours in a day just like everyone else, and my daughter always says you sleep when you die.

So I guess I better get something posted here again.

First, we are at nearly 17,000 hits on our main page, which equals all of last year. We still have the balance of August, then September, October, November and December – so we will most certainly exceed last year's readership . . . by a long shot.

Secondly, our Facebook page has around 8,500 likes and it will easily hit 9,000 if not 10,000 likes by year's end. We often have a weekly reach on Facebook of 30,000 or more readers.

Third, the Celtic Guide digital version is ALWAYS FREE. Don't let anyone tell you different. We are now offering print copies AT COST through Amazon, as a service to those many readers who requested them. We don't control the cost and no money is returned to Celtic Guide coffers. Sometimes Amazon puts issues on sale, but they normally charge based on number of pages. Even we don't know when the sales will come along. Nearly all past issues have been uploaded, except a few of the earliest, which will be online soon.

We are busy working on our 21st issue. It will stray a bit from the typical non-fiction narrative style and focus instead on the artistic. Our lead story, we are proud to say, is an interview with Natalie MacMaster who has been called the most dynamic Celtic performer of our lifetime.

So September is all about artistic endeavors. October will be our second Halloween edition. November will be a catch up issue with an anything-goes theme. December will be themed "the end" and will feature articles on the end of dynasties, cultures, movements, lives, etc. That should get us through the year for themes.

The Celtic Guide is all volunteer. Our authors come from all over the Celtic world - Scotland, Ireland, Wales, England, the U.S., Canada, and even Portugal and Poland, where there are remnants of early Celtic cultures. We've been lucky to have some world's experts, some cutting edge analysis of Celtic and Norse cultures, many a great story of heroes and villains, cultures and theories, lots of great photos and illustrations, and lots of great reader feedback.

Our unofficial motto is - stay tuned!


Monday, April 29, 2013

Wow, was that ever busy!

Left at the end of March for Peru and a visit to Machu Picchu. Returned mid April worn out and behind on the May issue of the Celtic Guide. Lucky for me lots of people were waiting with articles and I scrambled for the next couple of weeks to fit it all in. The result? A 42-page jam packed issue on Celtic Vacations.

Finally settling down and looking forward to the next few Guides. For June we have a theme of Celtic Chronicles – sources of Celtic history and family history, and expect our usual "twists" on the theme. For July the theme is Celtic Villains. And for August we are toying with the idea of Celtic Images - photos (drawings or paintings) of family, of the famous, as long as it has a Celtic twist to it.

We are so happy and proud of the Guide and also so very thankful for all those who contribute and all those who read our publication. We get many wonderful comments and our Facebook hits keep on climbing.

This is all organic and homegrown. There is no big corporation behind us, just lots of Celtic fans of all kinds. We hope to always keep it this way.

Monday, March 25, 2013


April's issue is posted early and ready to view. Remember, for May we are featuring Celtic Vacations so don't hesitate to send in your story and especially your photo(s) and we'll use as much as we can fit in. The email to send these to is:

Celtic Guide

Thursday, March 14, 2013

The hits just keep on coming!

At the rate we are going we will likely double the number of hits we receive this year, compared to our first year. Looks like we may reach 35,000 or so by year's end. We have had many a week on our Facebook page where our "reach" has been 30,000 or more. We also just went over 5200 Likes!

The April issue for 2013, much like it's counterpart from 2012, focuses on Celtic Freedom. As with all our themes we get quite a variety of interpretations. We have a few items on Robert Bruce, as would be expected. We have an official position expressed by the Yes Scotland movement, the leaders behind the 2014 vote for Scotland's independence. We have an original ballad and a poem, and also an article that ties Lucille Ball and George Washington to two Scottish kings.

Our cover and our lead story are focused on the Highland Clearances, and immigration. There's just one great article after another, so look for it to post around April 24th (a wee bit early this month due to a busy end of month.)

Meanwhile enjoy this weekend celebrating St. Patrick's Day and BE SAFE!!

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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Think Spring!

It's our only hope. Ha!

So March already has had over 1500 hits and it is only the 6th of the month! And stories are pouring in for April . . . some really good ones, too. I think April will go "live" almost a week early - probably on the 24th of March, because of other responsibilities towards the end of the month. The theme is Celtic Freedom and like I said we already have some great articles coming in, plus a poem, plus a ballad, plus original artwork . . . all kinds of special things unique to the Celtic Guide.

Remember, May's theme is Celtic Vacations so if you have some special story you'd like to tell, or a photo to send in, feel free.

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Tuesday, February 26, 2013

It's March . . . well almost.

The March Guide is now available for your viewing pleasure. Thanks to a great group of writers we have another jam-packed issue, with some very interesting and new discoveries. I just love opening my inbox to see what new type of article has arrived.


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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Getting close!

We are within a week of going live with the March issue of the Celtic Guide, and once again it is jam-packed with unusual and well-researched stories. . . all available for free.  Though I spend countless hours on this project, I don't do it alone. It takes serious, dedicated authors and photographers, and an avid readership, neither of which we seem to lack.

A naysayer, in only my second month, said – “That’s fine, until you run out of things to write about.”

Och! After fifteen issues of the Guide published so far . . . boy was she wrong! My email inbox is loaded with hundreds of emails containing stories, ideas, photographs, and offers of volunteer help . . . and from all over the world!
Can’t never did nothin’!