Monday, April 29, 2013

Wow, was that ever busy!

Left at the end of March for Peru and a visit to Machu Picchu. Returned mid April worn out and behind on the May issue of the Celtic Guide. Lucky for me lots of people were waiting with articles and I scrambled for the next couple of weeks to fit it all in. The result? A 42-page jam packed issue on Celtic Vacations.

Finally settling down and looking forward to the next few Guides. For June we have a theme of Celtic Chronicles – sources of Celtic history and family history, and expect our usual "twists" on the theme. For July the theme is Celtic Villains. And for August we are toying with the idea of Celtic Images - photos (drawings or paintings) of family, of the famous, as long as it has a Celtic twist to it.

We are so happy and proud of the Guide and also so very thankful for all those who contribute and all those who read our publication. We get many wonderful comments and our Facebook hits keep on climbing.

This is all organic and homegrown. There is no big corporation behind us, just lots of Celtic fans of all kinds. We hope to always keep it this way.

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