Thursday, March 14, 2013

The hits just keep on coming!

At the rate we are going we will likely double the number of hits we receive this year, compared to our first year. Looks like we may reach 35,000 or so by year's end. We have had many a week on our Facebook page where our "reach" has been 30,000 or more. We also just went over 5200 Likes!

The April issue for 2013, much like it's counterpart from 2012, focuses on Celtic Freedom. As with all our themes we get quite a variety of interpretations. We have a few items on Robert Bruce, as would be expected. We have an official position expressed by the Yes Scotland movement, the leaders behind the 2014 vote for Scotland's independence. We have an original ballad and a poem, and also an article that ties Lucille Ball and George Washington to two Scottish kings.

Our cover and our lead story are focused on the Highland Clearances, and immigration. There's just one great article after another, so look for it to post around April 24th (a wee bit early this month due to a busy end of month.)

Meanwhile enjoy this weekend celebrating St. Patrick's Day and BE SAFE!!

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