Monday, August 20, 2012

We're getting close!

We have articles in place already for Spanish Galicia, and for Polish Galicia, and for Brittany. We have one on an overview of Celtic migrations from the earliest records to the British Isles, including Turkey's Galatia region and a quick stop in China! We have the Selkirk Settlers of Canada, and the Susquehanna Settlements of Pennsylvania. We have less-geographic Celtic lands, too, like Fairy Land, and Dalriada, and Kippen, and Tir na nOg, and promises of stories on the Celts of Gaul, and one on the land of the Gallowglass. Who knows what else will pour in over the next few days - even Wales is a possibility, and perchance even Pictland.

Hits continue to skyrocket, new authors continue to offer their services, and I continue to wonder how I'll get it all done in time. But I will!

The diversity is extreme and there should be something for everyone in the September issue of the Celtic Guide.

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