Monday, February 6, 2012

March-ing onward

While the February issue of Celtic Guide is being absorbed, I am already hard at work collecting items for the March issue. I am very excited about a number of articles.

The world's expert on the Celtic Cross, the man who has studied it in more detail than anyone else we know of, will most likely have an article on the same in the March issue.

Also, we have a very nice article on the NYC St. Patrick's Day Parade based on information received from two of the parade's officials.

We are expecting an article on its way from a long-time Celtic writer, which will cover St. Patrick, himself . . . plus a few more great things to share.

Know that March will be chuck full of St. Patrick's Day legend and legacy, and that the Scots will have their day (in this case, month) in April because of National Tartan Day. Lots happening behind the scenes to bring you great "Celtic" reading material.

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