Friday, May 25, 2012

The Blood is Strong

Whether it has been performing music at Highland Games or Irish festivals, or traveling through Scotland, Ireland, Nova Scotia and other "Celtic" locations, or whether it has just been through sharing some story or experience with a fellow Celt, I have always found a real sense of camaraderie, almost a secret or private understanding that we all got here, today, simply because of our strong-willed forebearers who put their personal freedom and dreams above that of tyrants, no matter the odds.

I can't help but go back to the words spoken by my ancestors, and others in a small Pennsylvania church, near Philadelphia, in 1743 . . . spoken in defiance of the king -

“Some imagine that the sword is drawn for fear of man . . . some pretend that it is drawn in rebellion . . . but the reason of the sword’s being drawn is because our renowned ancestors were constrained to draw the sword in the defense of their own freedom. Our drawing of the sword is to testify to the world that we are one in judgment with them, and that we are, this day, willing to maintain the same war in defending ourselves against all opposers thereof, although such defense should cost us our lives.” 

The July Celtic Guide is already in the works with stories of the Battle of Red Harlaw. For now, it's Pirate Month at -
The Celtic Guide

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