Thursday, November 29, 2012

December online and 2013 in the works.

I just posted the December issue today. To look back on all the covers on the main page and think of all the stories inside, all the struggle to hit deadlines, all the great emails back and forth from all over the world, it is an indescribable feeling I feel right now.

For 2013, I have some great new plans including a new opening page to the Guide, which will carry links to the 2012 archived issues, to the latest 2013 issues, to links to other websites and perhaps even to musical gifts, and maybe even a Celtic Guide store, if the bugs can be worked out.

The e-mag will remain a printable, searchable, downloadable PDF.

I am looking forward to continuing our growth and presence in the Celtic world.

I, of course, didn't do this alone, nor could I, and so thanks goes out to everyone.

Happy Holiday in whatever way you celebrate.

See you next year with the January issue and hopefully a brand new website look.


The good ol' Celtic Guide


  1. Dear Sir:
    I just read the first issue (Jan) of your wonderful emag! My ancestry is mostly Scottish with one grandfather being Irish. I have become fascinated with Celtic tradition and history, having been a fan of the music for many years now. I was delighted to find the link to your online Celtic Guide! I wish you all the good luck and success in your travels and search for all things Celtic. Now it's on to the February issue for me.....

  2. Thank you so much. Look out 2013. Here we come.