Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Live from New Site, it's Celtic Guide!

I jumped ahead and posted next year's site yesterday. Hey, if the world ends this weekend I didn't want all my hard work to go unseen.  :)

It's the same URL or domain name  -


Now I need to finish up the January issue and it is going to be another great one. With Christmas in the mix, I suspect I'll be down to the wire on it, but it'll go live one way or another, most likely on the 27th or morning of the 28th of December.

We have gone to the dogs in this issue - I mean literally, we have a number of great photos our readers have sent in of Celtic-types of dogs, plus "Dog On It," we have a Gaelic explanation of that old Cowboy phrase, and a bit more.

We have an article on perhaps the oldest stone carvings in all of Scotland, some of the oldest in all of Europe, from the East coast of Scotland. We have some words on the beginnings of Iona as a spiritual site, and much more.

Your Guide will be waiting for you to kick off the new year. Meanwhile it's about family, and spirituality, and looking back at another year. Blessings to all.


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