Friday, December 14, 2012

Website almost finished!!!

I have our new website just about done, although I can see me adding to it on a regular basis, over the years. I have sent a sneak peak to our authors and close supporters to get their thoughts. Already, two have provided a similar comment, and I addressed their concern immediately.

I am so proud of the Guide and of all the great volunteers, and now I am growing proud over the new and very attractive website. In addition to access to all past issues, and all new issues, there are links to our Social Media sites, to the websites of many of our authors, and a very nice little section for free Celtic music.

Anyone who plays and records Celtic music, and has a tune with no copyright issues, is welcome to send it to me via an MP3 file.

Down the road we may start a Celtic Guide store, where my authors can display their wares, their books, their services as lecturers or whatever comes up. This may take a while to do, as I am still trying to get January's issue of New Beginnings ready to publish. Some articles are finished, some are sitting on my computer waiting for me to work with them, and some are promised and expected in the email shortly. It will be another great issue, no doubt.

I never pretend that we cover every single facet of any monthly theme, and yet we often get interpretations of the theme that surprise us and make for great alternative reading.

Kudos to all my authors, to the tens of thousands who have hit on the main site, the Facebook site, the Pinterest site, or even this blog.

With all the emails and hits and postings and support I am receiving I truly feel like we have built a community over the last year, and I mean "we" not me.

Happy Holidays if I don't get back this the blog before then . . . and stay tuned for another great year!

Jim McQuiston

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