Friday, January 13, 2012

I've decided to add a very short and sweet blog to my Celtic Guide online magazine. This area will be set aside for occasional updates as to what's happening and what's coming up in the Celtic world. In this first post, I'd like to remind everyone that January 25th is the traditional Robert Burns Night, celebrated by Scots around the world, with the "Address To The Haggis" and other great presentations.

In the next issue we are excited to have a couple of the best Yukon River historians around. We will focus some of the Guide on the major role Celtic-blooded men and women played in opening up what is still the last great frontier on the face of the earth. One article on the Iditarod promises to be the most accurate story ever written about the Scotsman/Nova Scotian who coined the Iditarod name. Another article will be more of a Who's Who of famous Celts of the Yukon, with many Scottish and Irish names listed.

One story we plan to present will tell the tale of Washington, D.C.'s first Irish Catholic Church. This may appear in the February or March issue, depending on when information is gathered. Also, in the future we may have a serialized story, which has been in the writing for a year and a half, by a couple from Vermont; a Celtic Cookbook recipe section; and we may have a long-time Celtic writer from California join our contributor's list, who will kick off March with some insights on St. Patrick.

April is the month of National Tartan Day and so there will be some serious focus on the reasons behind that event in the April edition. Please feel free to submit ideas and suggestions to

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