Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Mid-Month Review

Just found out that Alasdair Fraser, the great Scottish fiddler, will be performing in Alaska on January 19th, and then will go on to Oregon for several performances. Coincidental how he showed up in this month's issue, and the February issue will have much on Celts in Alaska and Yukon.

Just returned from Columbus, Ohio, where I found out quite a bit about the Irish settlement, there, and also sat in with some amazing Celtic musicians at a sessions at the Claddagh Irish Pub. Met an Irishman from Dublin who had only been in America for three days and is working at various Claddagh Pubs, I think in a quest to bring an even more traditional atmosphere to this great chain of pubs. I hope to tell a little bit more about this adventure and the Washington trip, where we visited the famous Dubliner Pub.

Information is flowing in almost faster than I can organize it, but whatever it is, I think the February issue will be a great presentation of interesting Celtic stories, which, after all, is the goal. Will be posting it at the very end of this month for your February enjoyment.

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